The UN Resident Coordinator Office

The UN Resident Coordinator provides leadership to the Pacific UN Country Team and the UN’s programming work, as outlined in the UN Pacific Strategy, in support of national priorities. The RC has a team composed of national and international staff, forming the RC Office (RCO), and is based in Suva, Fiji.

  • The RC oversees 5 Pacific Small Island Developing States (Pacific SIDS or PSIDS) - Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.
  • Twenty-six resident and non-resident UN entities are signatories to the UN Pacific Strategy and members of the Pacific UN Country Team.
  • The current UN Pacific Strategy covers 14 countries and territories and outlines UN’s engagement in support of these countries’ national strategic priorities. The current cycle is for the years 2018-2022. The UN Pacific Strategy has six outcome areas and is monitored through 38 indicators.

The RCO fulfils ten core coordination functions:

  1. Strategic analysis and planning
  2. Oversight of the UN country programming cycle
  3. Representation of and support of UN Secretariat and UN agencies (incl. non-resident agencies)
  4. Support to national coordination systems and processes
  5. Development and management of shared operational support services
  6. Crisis management preparedness and response
  7. External communication and advocacy
  8. Human rights and development
  9. Joint resource mobilisation and fund management
  10. General UNCT oversight and coordination.